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    I am finally ready to sell my beloved Prism and its "crew"...

    The lot includes:

    1. A well cared for Visor Prism in great condition and perfect working order. The screen is scratch-free. Comes with its charging/syncing base.

    2. A beautiful Vaja Flip Top leather case with magnetic closure and quick release belt clip. This case received the "Case of the Year Award" from VC in 2001. Last time I checked this case wasn't currently available on Vaja's site. I just loved this case. It has both character and elegance, and is very quick and efficient in day to day use.

    3. A Targus Stowaway Foldable/portable Keyboard, also in perfect working condition.

    4. A 8MB Backup Module. Saved my neck a few times. Indispensable.

    5 A 8MB Flash Module. Never needed to use it. It's still shrinkwrapped.

    6. A Travel Sync Cable, also very convenient. Kept it with my laptop at all time.

    I do not have the original box and the cd/manual of the Prism, but I do have the owner's manual and cd for the Targus keyboard, as well as the instruction manuals for the modules.

    I'd rather not separate the lot.

    Asking price is $260 o.b.o. and includes ground shipping and insurance within US and Canada.

    Please check the photos of the lot (prism1) and the case (prism2) at the links below.

    For any more info email me or call my cell: (626) 354 7186
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    I just sold my Prism and I can give you a few suggestions. The first is that I had success on Amazon in selling it-on ebay I did not. The market is flooded with Prism's right now. The second is you might get more if you sold it in parts instead of as a whole. Side note- acording to the stats on both ebay and amazon a well cared for Prism is going for around $140.00 and dropping fast.
    Good luck
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    Thanks for the tips and suggestions jke.

    I took your advice and I also listed all the parts on, except the Vaja case which they do not carry.

    Also, if anyone wishes to purchase parts of this lot please feel free to make me an offer.


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