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    Hi Folks,

    Happy new year.

    I have an HP Touchpad that I am not using anymore. Rather than let it sit and collect dust, I thought I would offer it up to the community. The only thing I would ask is for the shipping to be paid. Other than that, I am happy to send it to you. I imagine I cannot ship it internationally, so this would be United States only to minimize hassle factor.

    I have done a factory reset on it, so it is ready to go.

    Feel free to hit me up with your contact information. First come, first serve.

    Thanks everyone,
    Mike in SoCal
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    Well, this is a very nice offer and I bet some lucky guy in the US will be thankful
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    Hard to pass that up. PM sent.
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    Nice of you to offer OP.... moving your thread to the Marketplace
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    I find my TP still useful as an Alarm Clock

    Sits on my charger stand and keeps great time
    32G Touchpad
    iphone 5 on sprint wouldn't leave a good relationship

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