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    Phone looks good. I’ll PM you
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    Just bought a Palm Pixi Plus to relive the glory days, but am also looking for a QWERTY GSM Pre 3 - if anyone would like to fulfill my dream of owning this phone, PLEASE let me know.
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    Call me stupid but I now couldn't figure out how to reply to a PM!!! I tried replying to the message you sent but the hell I don't know why but the messages just won't get sent!
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    Sorry - I haven't been back for a while. Hopefully if you just reply to this. Anyway - are you interested in buying? I seen a similar one for sale for $80 or €70 so I think that's the price I'll go for.
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    Aaaargh!!! 😡😡🤬What's wrong with my phone, the reply page doesn't load properly. Okay, the price is sweet and if you could send the device at no extra cost that would be sweeter. Let me know.
    Sorry for my late reply, my father passed away on the 8th. It took a while to pull myself together. Sorry.
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    Sorry to hear about the passing of your father. Normally the buyer has to take the cost for the delivery and I see you're based in India which could be costly as I'm in Dublin. I take it you don't need the cable, wall-charger or wireless charger as these would add to the weight especially the wireless charger? Unfortunately the Irish postal service An Post don't allow mobile phones to be sent due to the battery. I had a quick look at Fed-ex and it was very costly $125! Not sure what you want to do.
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    I wouldn't need the accessories and even the battery as I already have the one from the phone I broke. It's the shipping cost that is a matter of concern now. Could you please check if An post would accept phones without battery for mailing?
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    Will do.
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    OK -The post office will accept the phone without the battery. They also said I could send it as a packet (cheaper) rather thank a parcel even though it exceeds the required dimensions, so that's good. A packet is basically a padded envelop or jiffy bag. However this won't give the same protection as a box/parcel. I have a stiff leather case for a Pre 2 which I can put it in and would give it extra protection. The postage cost to India according to the website (An Post) is about $5. You might also want to consider the register post option which is about $13. Bear in mind the customs tag will state what's inside. Anyway let me know which option you want to go for.
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    An post seem fine to me.
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    OK - so the total charge is $85. Can you pay using Paypal? You just need my email address - You'll need to send me your full address. I am heading out of the country from 19th Dec until the 5th January. I will be able to post it on Tuesday if you can pay on Monday. If not then let's hold off until after 5th January.
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    Thank you for the effort. After Jan 5th would be fine as I too am relocating. I’ll let you know when I’m done shifting.
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    Hello Sine! I'm done shifting. PM me your email address and we'll discuss the details
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    Anyone have a dead pre 3 in LCD and glass good condition?
    I offer to buy and use it for parts for my friend cracked Pre 3
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    any one else selling their Palm pre 3?
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