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If you're here for pristine devices to use daily, there aren't many. If you're here because you're a collector and want to own some Palm/HP webOS history, you're in the right place. And I'm cheap. PM me! I have lots of videos of some of these devices on YouTube. Check my twitter @alan_morford. I'm happy to provide more pics upon request.

Want to sell the following:

Tablets - $75 shipped in US/Add $50 for shipping to EU

1 Pre-production DVT HP TouchPad 32GB Wifi

1 Pre-production HP TouchPad 4G - currently has Android on it, can flash to webOS. Unsure what level of testing this device was used for but recovery shows log indicating it was not flashed with production software initially.

1 Pre-production DVT HP TouchPad of unknown type - shows no signs of life, make me an offer (cheap I can tell you that!)

1 HP TouchPad Go 3G/Wifi 32GB, webOS 3.0.5 $200 shipped to US http://forums.webosnation.com/market...evt-model.html

Random handhelds - just make an offer which includes shipping to where you are (I'm incredibly reasonable I promise)

1 Sprint Treo XXX prototype 650, no stylus, no battery but boots up with one in from my 680

webOS Phones - make an offer

1 ROW P100EUE original Pre but has ATT config! webOS 1.4.5, DVT model, works great

1 pre-release EU Pre Plus, AZERTY, DVT model, works great, has Nova Main based on webOS 2.X installed! Super cool

1 Production Sprint Pre, webOS 2.x!! NOT meta-doctored! Touchpanel and gesture area don't work so it's either not connected or just bad, seems to work otherwise though

1 Production Verizon Pre Plus, webOS 1.4.0, perfect!

Accessories - make an offer

1 HP TouchPad official case in great shape

2 pre-release HP Pre3 batteries with pull tabs and smaller logos

4 HP Pre3 batteries

4 Palm Pre batteries

1 Palm Pre battery with slightly different color marked EVT3 (hardware prototype)

7 Palm Pre touchstone backs

1 cracked early Pre back, gloss plastic, but has molding for the touchstone pieces...hard to explain...weird

1 Windsor replacement LCD screen for that one person out there that has one with a broken screen. lol

The Windsornot back is NOT for sale but if you have a Windsornot that is missing the back...we need to talk. For real. PM me.
Hi Alan, do you still have the TP 4G? If so, I want it. Can you please put WebOS on it? My TP 4G just died, and I'm not happy. I like the TP so much better than my I Pad. Anyway please let me know if its available. Thanks to you and other members of the forum I' ve had over 2 years on a Pre3 and 1 1/2 years on the TP. Mark Clark.