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    All of the phones are Verizon; everything in the picture is included in the sale;

    Pre3 - very nice condition, works great, new screen
    Pre3 - new screen, works great, front bezel has small chips and a crack
    Pre2 - Very nice condition, works great, missing power button but turns on when it is plugged in to the charger
    Pre Plus - hammered, works, power button doesn't seem to work, turns on when plugged in to charger
    All phones have been factory reset
    Also included - 4 Touchstone chargers, 4 plug in chargers, 1 extra Pre3 battery (just the edge is in the picture), 1 extra Pre battery, 1 brand new screen NIB, 1 never used leather holster for Pre, 1 charger cord, 1 digital cord, 1 Pre3 - apart and for parts

    $125.00 for everything. If you only want the 2 Pre3s it's the same price, but I will dispose of the other stuff. I will ship for $15 in CONUS. Paypal accepted.

    Thanks Hello Newman for your help.
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    I just sold them. Thanks.

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