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    Considering no one is "interested" in it, but we all are , I think his BIN price would be anything around the $300 mark? Just estimating. How much did you pay for yours?
    I think it would be good value for $300, assuming that a compatible PSU could be found, and that the battery was still half-decent.

    Mine? It's hard for me to remember, as the first one was VERY expensive compared to the other two (I paid as much for the shipping in the first purchase as I did for the Foleo; it was a production model, retail boxed), so it was double the price, really, and that was a good few years ago before several had leaked out onto the market. I guess it was about $300, for the device itself. The second and third Foleos I bought were much cheaper, and I got them delivered to the UK for around $175 dollars each.

    Second one had a pre-production image on it, which I managed to get flashed to the production ROM. The third one I bought was actually sold as non-working, although this was because the guy that sold me it didn't have the PSU to test it - imagine my surprise when I plugged in my original PSU, charged it up and found a whole load of emails on there from Palm folk!! It looks as though a lot of the machines were used internally when the Foleo was cancelled.

    The most trouble I had was getting a rarer than rare official Foleo international travel charger accessory pack shipped from the US in its retail packaging. I think it was a prototype, as the inside of the box had bits sketched out as to where the accessory plug fittings were to go in the carton. The guy shipping it had literally no clue on international postage; my address on the package ended xxx, U.K., 90210, U.S.A. as I had to enter a US zip code into the checkout system to make it go through! I was amazed it arrived at all!!!
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    Fwiw, I have had issues with the batteries going kaput after not being charged for a few years. I did pick up a few spare batteries before the HP hardware axe (though, not really enough to part with, I am afraid). So probably best to keep them charged and exercised. But, it is possible that the unit I was using had an issue... :/
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    Thanks for the tip I must dust off my other batteries in that case and keep them cycled. I find the Foleo so handy for typing notes out in my job, it's in constant use. Anything that will prolong it's life (I mean, away from a plug socket), is definitely worth keeping on top of.
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    There are also businesses that will re-cell batteries. So if your Foleo battery dies and the cells inside are a standard type, you may be able to get it rebuilt when the time comes.

    People have also rebuilt batteries themselves for the HP Jornada and NEC MobilePro, but it's apparently quite dangerous to solder Li-Ion cells unless your soldering skills are very good and you have the right equipment. The cells can explode. I would have a shop do it for me.
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    I like the re-celling idea. Will bear it in mind, thanks
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    As for battery storage, I have read in various places that optimal conditions for Li-ion and Li-Po batteries are:
    - temperature about 5-10'C (so, household refrigerator will do)
    - charged at 40-50%
    - of course, dry
    - sometimes I see advice to cycle to 100% and back to 40% in 6-12 months interval.

    I'm going to buy a bunch of batteries for my Pre2 while supply lasts, so I'm interested in every hint to keep them in good health.
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    ... I have just come into possession of a Palm m105 .. if that's something someone might want..
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