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    Want to unload all this stuff. Just asking the person who wants it to cover shipping.
    Doctoring or resetting, here's a checklist!
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    Shipping from where?

    ...Is this because your star wars figures melted?
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    If it ships from the US, I'll take them. I see two pair of Palm headphones there right?
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    it ships from southern California and weighs 2 pounds boxed.
    yup, 2 head phones. the only thing in there that is used are 2 of the touchstones

    I haven't been able to actually get the light up infinity figured yet. getting rid of them only because I have more than I need.
    Doctoring or resetting, here's a checklist!
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    Cool, just let me know how much shipping is to zip code 64118. I'll PM my address.

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