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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Morford View Post
    Your PMs are full. I shipped it to you yesterday. You should get it Thursday.
    OK. Thanks

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    Any Pre3 batteries still available here? Just tried to turn mine on after a couple of years and realized that the battery is shot!
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    I was able to get a replacement battery off of eBay (same guy that sold me my Pre 3 originally, actually! I'm pretty sure that he is an HP employee, but I digress).

    Anyway, disregard my previous post as I have a battery now.
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    Just posted a Pre3 for sale in Marketplace. Comes with three original batteries.
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    Hi Sumy. Yes, I need a new battery. I'll try a PM...
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    Alan -

    Howdy! I would be interested in your Pre 3 battery if you still have one. For that matter I am interested in ANY Pre 3 battery from anyone. If anybody has one or knows of a site where one can still purchase one please advise. Does Sumy (the originator of this post) still have any?

    -John Jackson
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    I would also be interested in purchasing Pre3 batteries. I can't seem to send PMs for some reason, has anyone heard from Sumy lately?
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    Last email I got from Sumy was last February, and my answer had no follow up. I think preemptive should have tried to contact him 1 month ago, so he may offer some update
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    My OEM Pre3 battery can't make it through a day now. I will buy a new one from anyone who will sell me one. Or more.
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    I still have batteries I made back in february 2015. Currently I am testing them and I can sell them after they are fully tested.
    Price is same as in the first post.
    I have added one more Pre 3 to the charging party to speed up the testing.
    testing HP Pre 3 batteries_2220x1249.jpg
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    That's the most Pre3s I've ever seen in one place! Looking forward to buying one of those batteries!
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    I already sent money, so I hope my battery is in one of those. Sumy responded to my PM with payment info., but I was unable to respond to his response, so I simply sent money, and hope he can figure it out.
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