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    Item Description: All items were purchased new and have original packaging including inserts (unless otherwise noted) and as pictured. The Touchpad and Pre3 have been secure-erased which means you’ll have to go through whatever bypass method, HomeBrew, or whatevs to launch.

    The Touchpad was used heavily initially (purchased in the firesale) and has a couple of minor scratches on the screen. There are some scuffs on the back. It also has one small crack on the surrounding plastic (as is typical) around one of the speakers (I believe the left). Since probably after a year of some significant use, it largely served as a music player which sat next to my bed while I slept. Battery does not keep a lengthy charge. Comes with the rubber protective case (in original box) which bubbled around the power button and also shows typical signs of wear. Touchpad includes charging cable and plug.

    There is also the HP Bluetooth keyboard which was not used more than a hand-full of times (also in original box). Also, the Touchpad-specific Touchstone, again, in original box with packaging and plug.

    The AT&T Pre3 was my daily driver for over a year (maybe more as I can’t remember) and then was boxed up for a while until my son used it for a couple months before he iPhailed. After that, it’s been in a box for the better part of a year. Despite its significant—but not insane—use, it is in excellent condition. The screen is largely scratch free (there are a couple of small ones). I replaced the original battery with the Mugen 1400 version and proceeded to lose the original. As far as I know, I expect it holds a solid charge, but no promises. As you can see from one of the photos, the center part of the “P” in the “HP” on the back flaked off at some point and is long gone. There is a scratch/streak on the mirrored back-portion of the slider. Otherwise, the phone is in excellent condition. Charging plug is NOT included but there is the charging cable.

    All original materials including boxes and manuals are included unless otherwise noted.

    Note: The box for the “North American Power Charger” which is in the photos is not included as it was empty which I didn’t realize at the time of taking the pics. The small charger plug is also not included as I decided to keep it given including the larger charger plugs.

    Bonus: Two phone touchstone hockey puck bases in a Ziploc without charging cables or plugs.

    Price: $250 obo

    Carrier Locked or Unlocked (Pre3)?: Unknown as I bought it via eBay; never received an unlock code but would be surprised if it couldn’t be unlocked if it’s not already

    Condition: Excellent to excellent+

    Includes: All original contents as pictured that came with as well as the boxes unless otherwise noted.

    Item Location: Westchester County, NY

    Shipping Details: Will be via slowest UPS/USPS/FedEx with tracking number

    Payment Options: Paypal only

    Additional notes: Sorry for some of the photos being blurry; my BB Passport couldn’t seem to focus

    Contact info: PM for initial contact.

    Items are guaranteed against being DOA.

    Please examine the photos closely/zoom in before buying. Request additional photos if needed.

    If you are in doubt about anything included in this lot or if you feel something is not fully or accurately described please ask questions and/or request additional photos before bidding.

    I always try to make sure items are represented as accurately as possible and conservatively described, but no guarantees are made.

    Thanks for taking a look. Sorry, but no returns.
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    Moderator: please close this thread. No replies. Will be listed on eBay.

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