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    I have several items that I am giving away if you pay for shipping:

    - A Verizon Pre 2 brand new in box. Never activated

    - A Verizon Pre 2 brand new in box. Never activated, but I did open it to do a frankenpre and I never put it back together.

    - Three Pre touchstones. One has a vent mount attached for use in a car.

    - Three Touchpad touchstones.

    If you are interested, just let me know and we can arrange shipping them.
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    PM sent!
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    All of the items are taken.
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    wow this community, still suprises me.
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    ****. I would have loved a Touchpad touchstone.

    My mom plugged the microUSB cable in upside down and murdered my TouchPad. I could have at least revived it via the TouchStone.

    Well, enjoy all those of you who got stuff :P
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    I'm interested in HP Touchpad Touchstone.
    Can you ship for me? I will pay for shipping fee.
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    OP... please post when all items are gone so we can lock the thread.

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    he did the third post

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