I just picked up an ATT Pre Plus, and after a complete battery drain, it didn't want to power on again and otherwise appears to have gone south.

By the looks of it, the comm board has gone kaput for whatever reason, since the battery turned out to not be a culprit and the Pre behaved normally with the board disconnected, although as "normal" as it could be - as in it throws up the "where's the battery?" screen. (hooking up the board while on that screen and inserting a battery gets me an HP boot logo, but it goes to black after that)
That board gets oddly warm when powered too.

So I'm looking for a comm board for this Pre+, whether ATT locked, unlocked, from a Plus or 2... (like one left over from a Sprint FrankenPre procedure)
A for-parts Pre that fits the bill, etc. (I'm hoping I didn't break anything else with my teardown though)