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    Hi all after years of being a massive webOS fan I have decided to sell my devices cause I need the extra cash unfortunately.

    I have a brand new Pre3, a used Pre3, a used Pre-, a wifi Touchpad, several wireless chargers for both, cases and Skinomi skins on my used Pre3 and Touchpad and so on.

    I am thinking to put them on eBay and would it be ok to post the links here too?
    They are all in great working conditions and any additional info will be mentioned on the listings.

    I was thinking of doing a bundle for all tablet related stuff and a bundle for all phone related stuff.
    Any thoughts on this?

    I am based in the UK but would be happy to sell to the US as long as the buyer would pay for the additional postage and import fees of course...

    I am sad to leave the platform behind, but I will return when/if LG or someone else resurrects the OS and offers it on other devices apart from TV's.

    Thanks a lot.
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    Why not sell all but one? You could keep a TP to play with LuneOS etc...

    There must be a guideline stickypost in this forum, but I think sales just require photos

    Looks like you can't link to external sales, so maybe post here before / after / alongside ebay. I'm sure HelloNNewman will clarify if those guidelines won't do it for you.

    If you are really leaving, you could maybe gift your Palm profile to Herrie for the app collection?
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    You are welcome to post your equipment here for sale, but we do not allow the posting of links to sites like eBay. If you wish to sell here, you must follow the template shows in the Marketplace rules and include pictures of each item you are selling.


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