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    Custom made case for HP TouchPad Go, Soft interior, Closure with magnet.
    Price: 24,99 USD + 5 USD for shipping
    Payment: PayPal (PM me for details)
    Shipping: ordinary AIR mail (up to 5 working days)
    Location of item: Europe (Slovenia)

    All cut outs of the case are made for the HP TouchPad Go so all ports and buttons are accessible, also two holes at the back are made for speakers.
    Frame is lined with white stitching to break up the monotony of black color.

    with holes:
    - for microphone on the top
    - charger (micro USB connector) on the bottom
    - speakers on the back
    - volume buttons
    - power button
    - home button
    - front camera and proximity (light) sensor
    - back camera and flash

    Case is suitable for the following TouchPad Go's:
    - HSTNH_I31C
    - HSTNH_I32C
    - HSTNH_I33C

    stand is fixed on the back side by folding and inserting front cover

    nice soft interior

    tablet can be well fixed by velcro

    different "stand" position

    front side with strong magnets for secure closure

    back side

    Item will be packed well and put in a bouble bag envelope (jiffy bag) and sent by AIR mail (up to 5 business days) from Europe.
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    I received mine in the mail today. I'm very happy with it and highly recommend anyone looking for a case for their TouchPad Go pick one up!
    Devices: Pre3 16GB (AT&T - webOS 2.2.4) | White TouchPad 4G 32GB (AT&T - webOS 3.0.5 + LunaCE)
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    That looks very nice the price seem reasonable too
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    Received mine last week. Great case for a rare item!

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