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    Bundle Sale:
    USB Travel Kit for Treo (USB Sync & Charge Cable + Cigarette Lighter Adapter + Travel Charger Adapter)
    Product Class ID: OUAK1HSTR300

    The Travel Pack allows you to charge and synchronize your PDA with your USB sync and charge cable, you also can charge your PDA in the car or any standard wall outlet, all with same USB sync and charge cable and the included adaptors (Cigaretter light adapter and travel charger adapter)

    Your Online Price: $18.95
    The Regular Price: $35.95
    ~ You save $17.00 (47% off)

    Super Savings Sale:
    2-in-1 Charger
    Product Class ID: OTP1HSTR180_Sale

    The 2-in-1 Charger is the ideal product to provide solutions for charging the PDA in both the Car and from any standard Wall Outlet. The product combines a traditional cigarette lighter charger with a travel charger making it the ideal travel companion.

    The 2-in-1 Charger provides portable power for the frequent traveler. It is compact and can be plugged into any cigarette lighter or electrical outlet (A/C input voltage range 90V-240V) to use and recharge your PDA.

    - Space saving 90 foldable AC plug and 180 adjustable cigarette lighter connection.
    - Rapidly charge your PDA battery in just 2 hours.
    - Can charge and use your PDA at the same time.
    - Special circuitry design protects your PDA from overcharging and short-circuiting.
    - Intelligent IC ensures efficient and reliable charging.
    - View the power connection via LED display on the device.
    - Strong coiled cord extends to 9 feet length.
    - Compact and lightweight.

    Input: DC 12V-24V
    AC 90V-240V
    Output: DC 5.0V-800mah (max)
    Size: 1.9'W x 3.3'L x 1.1'H
    Weight: about 0.35lbs

    Your Online Price: $22.95
    The Regular Price: $29.95
    ~ You save $7.00 (23% off)

    Note: I've never done business w/them .. but discovered while searching for Treo300 accy(s) ..
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    The little gizmo they sell with the fold out plug/lighter adapter is priceless! That and a minisync cable from boxwave and you won't ever need anything else.
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    If anyone needs to know, Seidio does great business. I ordered a case that I did not like, so returned. less than a week later of sending back, a new return invoice had arrived telling me they credited my account already. I looked at the dates and it looks like as soon as they receved my case, they processed return immdeiately. could not be more happy with their service.

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    I have also had overall good dealings with Seidio- OK service, good products. Some glitches, but nothing that was not fairly resolved.
    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are at!
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    I bought a holster from these guys last year. It broke and so did my Treo 180 as it hit the ground. Handspring helped me out because there were some other problems with the unit -

    Seidio did not reply to my email about the holster for 3 weeks. I got the same plasticy cheap holster that was sent the first time and I had to pay for shipping.

    I have since upgraded to Sprint and the 300. I bought my new holster from PDA Pro Shop

    It looks kind of funny that someone would post -
    Product Class ID: OUAK1HSTR300

    What is this? a SKU? looks like someone from inside the company is posting this.

    Just my 2 cents.

    BTW - I love my Treo 300.

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