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    HP TouchPad Go 32GB Wi-Fi & 3G
    Price: 250 USD
    Payment: PayPal or T/T (bank transfer)

    Shipping: 50 USD by DHL express (insured express delivery from Europe to USA in 2 working days),
    shipping to Europe is even cheaper, but price depends on the country

    Item Description:
    Model: HSTNH-I33C
    Product number: FB398UA-EVT3 (device is prototype - Engineering Validation testing sample)
    Operating System: WebOS 3.0.4
    Hardware Version: E3
    Carrier: ATT (unlocked, it accepts my European card)
    Firmware: R3B01
    Battery: STL, Lithium polymer, rating 3.7V, 13.3Wh, 3600 mAh, HP part number 648568-001, HSTNH-S31C STL-CHA-ATL OBP1C06G1
    Modem: ERICSSON F5521gw
    Processor: Qualcomm APQ8060 Dual Core 1.5 GHz
    On board flash drive: 32GB
    Display: TFT Active Matrix LCD with LED Backlit,
    Display resolution: 1024 x 768
    Display ratio: 4:3
    Display pixel density 184 ppi
    Touch Screen Technology: Multi-Touch
    Front Camera: 1.3 megapixel
    Rear Camera: 5 megapixel
    Back Flash: LED
    Expansion Port: microUSB USB 2.0
    Audio Input: Line In (3.5mm), Stereo Input Jack
    Audio Output: Headphones, Speaker(s)
    charger: North American
    charger type: USB, 2.0A, CDP smart charger + USB cable

    I have tested device thoroughly, touch screen (digitizer) is working and it has been recalibrated for optimum performance, battery is holding charge, Wi-Fi is working, 3G data is working, home button is working, power button is working, volume buttons up and down are working, speakers are working, both front and back cameras are working but due to the WebOS 3.0.4 camera software bug many times when using front camera device halt or restarts, update to 3.0.5 is suggested, video recording with sound is working, charging with original charger (included) is working super fast. Device is very fast and responsive.

    There are a few scratches on the touch unit and some micro fractures on the housing frame (please see the photos) , there are also a few small dots in the lacquer. Microfractures in the frame lacquer are common for this device. Back cover has one longer scratch on/in the rubber coating, but it is not deep.
    Generaly device is in nice condition.

    Item will be packed well in bouble bags and put in a strong box before shipping by DHL express (express delivery to USA in 2 working days for 50 USD) from Europe.

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    For this price I'm interested. Further details via PM?
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    Very Nice! This deal won't last long - good luck!
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    Is the deal actual? Please PM me!
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    Also interested, Hungary, IBAN

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    Hallo Sumy,

    your pm box is full, so I probably am not the only one trying to reach you.

    I would love to buy this beautiful device, not just for my collection, but to actually put it to good webOS use.
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