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    Item Description/Carrier Locked or Unlocked?:
    For sale is a unlocked Pre3 with german keyboard.
    I would prefer to sell it as a whole, but i am open to parts requests as long as there is enough interest to sell about 90% of the financial value in parts.

    I would like to get about 50-70 out of it.

    i finally decided to sell my pre 3 which has some network issues. I posted about those in a previous topic ( )

    Long story short:.No problems outside; some buildings no problems; most buildings no reception; some buildings partial reception.

    So for someone who doesnt use the phone for ... phoning... that often or doesnt need to be reachable 24/7 and has no data plan its perfectly fine.
    But for me its not possible to use as my daily driver as it is.
    Besides the network thing it has a few minor bumps which i hope are clearly shown in the pictures.

    The package if bought as whole includes the phone as well as the charging cable with european wall plug.

    Item location
    I am located in germany, therefor the keyboard is a qwertz with special keys etc

    Shipping Details
    I have never sent anything to countrys outside of the EU. Details about shipment fees thus have to be clarified individially.

    Payment Options:
    While i prefer direct credit transfer, im open for payment via paypal.


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