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    Item Description: TouchPad 64GB EU, 1,5GHz, Wifi, white
    Price: 280 EUR
    Condition: new, unused in unopened package
    Includes: original accessory (EU charger, USB cable, guide), plus new TP case, sleeve or silicon case
    Item Location: Germany
    Shipping Details: shipping only to central europe, shipping in Germany is included
    Payment Options: EU bank transfer, PayPal
    Photos: well, just an unopened, brown box around the TP package
    Contact Info - Please PM or post below (do not post your email address)


    I'm selling one of my "spare-TPs" because I've still a very good working TP-64 and a TP Go (and another spare plus the ones in my family :-) ).

    TouchPad 64GB EU, 1,5 GHz, Wifi, white - new, in unopened package

    I bought the device around two years ago for 280 EUR in Germany as spare, but never needed it.

    Price will be 280 EUR, I will ship within central Europe, shipping within Germany is included.
    I add a new HP TouchPad Case, a new HP TouchPad Sleeve or a new transparent silicon Case.

    This is a private sale, so no warranty, but I will include a anonymized copy of the invoice.

    On seller request I can unpack the device to update it to the latest webOS 3.0.5 EU and add updates and Preware to it.
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    Für mich :-D
    I'll send you a message...
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    The TouchPad is sold!

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