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    just before dinner, my kid knocked over a chair.

    on the back of the chair was my coat.

    In my coat pocket was my Prism - just upgraded to 16mb.

    took a quick look at it, and it looked fine.

    however, when I went to use it tonight - the screen is half dead. The light allows me to see the crack that is not visible when it's not powered on.

    anyone (besides have one of these??
    Only in a Jeep.
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    I have a screen I would be willing to sell. It is used but I have always used a screen protector on it. $40 plus shipping (I'll ship any way you like).
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    Howdy there. I have a complete prism for $50 shipped via USPS priority. All parts are there, it just doesnt power up. Screen is near flawless.

    I take paypal and USPS money order

    AIM me at Ryan3734
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    Got zieak's screen.

    Works great. Thanks.
    Only in a Jeep.

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