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    I need a battery cover for my HP Pre3. It is completely broken

    Please if you have one let me know. I am not interested in the Mugen one because it will make my Pre3 very big.
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    If anyone has a rear cover for the Pre3 I am also looking to buy one. I know it's a long shot but mine got damaged about a year ago. :/
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    This guy sold a few, a couple months back: jhschon's profile

    He hasn't listed any, lately, but for a while he was selling lots of rare Palm devices and accessories. You might try contacting him or setting up an ebay alert? I don't know how many spares exist at this point...

    NOTE: I don't know this seller, nor have I purchased anything from this seller. I just vaguely remember that he sold 4 or 5, in April/May 2013.

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