I just recently bought a Pre 3 and I want to clear out my extra WebOS devices and my older IPod Touch for a 16 GB 5th Gen iPod touch.

For Trade: Pre 2 Unlocked: Works on Tmobile and ATT, is at 2.2.4. No Cracks or scratches but is used.

HP Veer 4G: Works on Att and Tmobile, is 2.2.4 as well. Small hairline crack on the back. But still is fully functional and has no scratches.

Ipod touch 4th gen 32 GB. Used but has minor wear and a small screen crack on the upper far right of the device.

I will include all chargers of course

ImageUploadedByWebOS Nation1376865870.259203.jpgImageUploadedByWebOS Nation1376865896.705570.jpg
ImageUploadedByWebOS Nation1376865938.305225.jpg

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