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    Looking to sell my Verizon Pre 3 and 32 GB Touchpad. Also included are a number of accessories:

    The Pre 3 was used by me for several months. It is in very good shape with normal signs of use. There is a tiny crack by the on/off switch and the silver from the P in the "HP" on the back is missing. Other than that, the phone looks and works great. I have the original box and packaging for the Pre 3 as well.

    The Touchpad is in excellent condition. It includes the soft case (the one that works on the Touchstone). I have the original box as well.

    Also included are TWO Touchpad Touchstones with cables and adapters, a Pre 3 touchstone with cable and adapter, and an extra charging cable and adapter for the Touchpad and Pre 3.

    Will sell all for $320 + shipping OBO.

    Will sell the Pre 3 and accessories for $125 plus shipping.

    Touchpad and accessories for $200.

    PM me if interested or with questions.

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    Wait a minute, is it 64GB or 32?

    And if it is in fact a 64GB, is it black or white?

    I'm not a buyer, just urging you to proofread
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    32, sorry. Was thinking in iPad terms when I was first writing, since it has been a while since I used the TP. Changed in in the body of the message, but missed it in the title. Sorry for any confusion. It is 32GB, black.

    I proofread just fine, thanks. Perhaps just a little sleep deprived...home from the hospital with a newborn on Wednesday!
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    Congrats on the newborn, Mike.

    Title updated.
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