Hi, guys. You all right?

Well... I bought a Verizon Pre 3 (clean ESN) to research if the signal is better than my actual AT&T Pre 3 where I live (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil) and; to my sadness, was worst... the 3G signal is very weak and the 2G is lost in biggest part of the day. For other side...

I wanna & want a Touchpad Go!

I really, really love it my HP Touchpad 16GB WiFi and I could love more... if the size was not so big to me and if had 3G connection.

I'm losing close to 4 hours each day just in bus and subway... so, the Touchpad Go can be more than perfect to me: the SO that I love, the apps that I like & the size to come with me in all places!

So... if you have some Touchpad with cell connection and is interested in a Verizon Pre 3, you can contact me and we can talk about. I'm opened to negotiate the difference.

I have MANY references here, because I has bought from many users in this forum.

Thanks in advance,

Best Regards...