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    sorry for posting here, but I don't have 50 posts under my belt to post in the market place. I have been a member since 2010, so hopefully this won't get wacked. or maybe moved into the marketplace?


    I have a a pre3 I bought about 10 months ago, things wrong with it are volume rockers not working, and the Mic is not working (mouth piece mic or even headphones don't seem to work). glass has a slight blemish, but almost not noticeable. those are the only things wrong with it.

    I also have a pre2, nothing wrong with it really, except the keyboard doesn't work perfectly all the time.

    BOTH ARE VZW phones.

    pre3 is 16GB, and unlocked to use overseas if wanted. I Have done this successfully btw.

    just PM me if you are interested in purchasing them.

    100 bucks for the pre3, 30 bucks for the pre2.
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    <thread moved>

    Hi WOPR,

    If you can't post in the Marketplace, we don't allow you to move these into other forums. However, I'm not sure why you say you can't put this in that forum since you have 108 post currently. So I've moved this into the proper forum for you.

    Please be sure to add pictures to your post and follow the templates posted in the Marketplace Rules.

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    How is the back cover?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pepebuho View Post
    How is the back cover?
    back cover is fine on both.
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    Is the volume rocker problem due to the switches on the motherboard or a problem on the backcover itself?
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    volume rocker is most likely the case of the ribbon cable getting damaged by the slider (not sellers fault really)

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