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    In the next week or two I'll post a large lot of Palm stuff for a single price. Re-sell what you don't want to reduce the cost of what you really want. It'll simply be easier for me to sell it together rather than parting it out. From the proceeds I'll also make a donation to Webos Internals in thanks for all the support they've given to me and the community.

    Why am I selling? Although I've owned virtually all palm devices over the last 15 years...and every phone...I've simply reached the point where my business needs are pushing me to switch platforms and I've decided to move to Blackberry. My corporate needs can now only be met with BB and the Z10 finally gets me close to my love for the touchscreen that Palm has fulfilled all these many years.

    What's best I can remember now:


    2 - Verizon Palm Pre 3's less than 6 months old complete in boxes. No scratches or dings...screen protectors since Day 1 and little use.
    1 - Verizon Pre Plus which works but mostly for parts
    At least 6 Palm Touchstones with USB cables
    3 - EB belt cases (black, dark brown and light brown). Lots of wear on the dark brown but black and light brown are like new.
    3 car chargers.
    A bunch of Boxwave screen protectors for Pre Plus and Pre 2
    3 or 4 custom screen protectors from Germany for the Pre 3


    1 - 32gb Touchpad in perfect condition with unused original cover. May also have original box too?
    Multiple unused boxwave screen protectors for Touchpad
    2 Verizon cases to fit Touchpad
    1 Leather Touchpad case by Targus with a unique adjustable viewing angle
    Touchpad OEM Stand/charger

    Pricing will be less than but close to $600 for everything including UPS insured Next Day Air.

    When I get everything assembled I'll post pictures here and notify everyone who expresses interest in this thread. First responder to that notice will have 24 hours to pay via Paypal or the offer will go to the next.

    If you have questions in the meantime please feel free to leave them send a PM.


    Randy in Florida
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    Hi Randy,

    Please post when you are actually ready to sell and be sure to follow the posting rules and template found in the Marketplace Rules.

    When you are ready to sell, PM a mod (or hit the 'report' button on this thread for us) and we can re-open your thread.

    Thank you

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