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    Hey all,

    I go a long way back with WebOS Nation. I used to be on here when it was precentral. I've owned a Palm Pre, multiple Android devices and now I'm a happy owner of an Iphone 5. Yep, I went to the dark side! My fiance just bought me an Ipad 4 for my birthday which I'm having a blast with and that's why I'm here. I have a 16GB HP Touchpad that's in excellent shape. I'm looking to sell it as I don't have a need for it. Even when I owned it I never used it too much. I'm really torn if I should even sell it as I have a feeling it will be rare a few years down the road... I'm a huge fan of WebOs.

    I have it running a version of ICS, FYI. I figured I would let my fellow WebOS people have a first crack at it before I put it up on ebay.

    I'm looking for 130 shipped. I think that's a fair price since I'll be paying the paypal fees, shipping & handeling, and providing tracking and signature confirmation.

    I have the original box, charger and I'm throwing in an incipio case.

    If you're interested I could take some detailed pictures of the screen, sides and back to show quality.

    Let me know... theopusfuller [@] gmail [.] com
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    Hi TheOpusFuller and welcome back

    Please take a look at the posting guidelines for the newest requirements for selling. Posting pictures of the device is one of the template items.

    Glad to see you swing back through!

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