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    Item Description: UK Pre3 which I purchased new. I only used it for about a month until I could get my hands on an AT&T Pre3 which I then used almost exclusively. I did use the this phone's battery though, but it has shown no degradation in charge. Given its limited usage, the phone is in near-new condition. I also used the non-ATT branded backing on my daily Pre3 so, if there's any visible wear, that's where it'd be. But, even that is not really identifiable.

    Anyway, the UK Pre3 was meant to be my back-up webOS device and/or device to take to Europe. But I've now switched to BB10 on a Z10. As much as I hate to leave webOS, it's time for me. So this should go to someone who loves webOS. I'm keeping my AT&T Pre3, for now, as my back-up phone.

    All original materials included.

    Bonus: Touchstone setup included.

    Price: $150 obo

    Carrier Locked or Unlocked?: Unlocked

    Condition: Near new

    Includes: All original contents as pictured that came with as well as the box.

    Item Location: Westchester County, NY

    Shipping Details: Will be via UPS with tracking number

    Payment Options: Paypal only

    Additional Info: Will include a bonus touchstone with cable and wall plug (without original packing) (not pictured below).

    Contact info: PM for initial contact.


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    Just a note on the pics: I put the original protective covering over the screen just because I had kept it. So those are air bubbles in the photos, not screen defects. The screen is blemish free.

    Also, I should note that it was first activated in the U.S. If someone abroad wants it but doesn't want to use the U.S. app catalog, well, I think there's ways around it but I don't know how.
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    Phone is purchased. Mods, please close or lock the thread. Thanks much.

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