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    IF you're local, i.e., you live in the Twin Cities here in MN, I have some old stuff I would like to give diehard PRE users (sorry, I left webOS for Apple in late 2011 when things looked bleak for webOS and Sprint finally got the iPhone. Sure do miss the best UI on the planet, though!).

    I have 6 Pre Touchstone chargers. 2 of them are in the Touchstone Kit boxes: but I can't remember if the backs in them are the ones for charging or not. Unfortunately, none of them have the charging cables. (Not sure what happened to them.)

    I have 2 "Leather Side Cases"--Palm Pre cases for your belt.

    Anyway, you can have this stuff at no charge if you're local and I don't have to go too far out of my way etc.

    PM me etc.

    (Anyone know if a Sprint FrankenPre 2 is worth anything to anyone?--I don't have the heart to throw it away, but my understanding is you can't reset it for another person's Sprint account....?)
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    If no one is in the TC area, I'll pay shipping to Chicago
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    Just sent a PM with some questions for you.

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    I've met the only local person interested and unloaded a few items; I also have some others out-state (and out-country!) interested that should take care of the rest of the stuff.

    So, please don't contact me right now; I will post when all is gone or if I end up with something left to offer.

    Thanks for your patience!

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