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    As much as I hate to do it, it's time to cut ties with webOS.

    The Pre3 was my daily phone since it was 'released' so it does have signs of everyday use. The center of the 'p' in the hp logo is missing and the back cover is cracked right around the headphone jack which happened when the phone was dropped. The phone still works fine and all buttons function as intended, the slider is tight with no oreo. No boxes. $150 shipped, of course, any reasonable offers will be entertained.

    The 32g touchpad has been used pretty lightly and has spent it's whole life in the hp folio case, I bought this unit new right when they came out. Despite my best efforts it still suffered the infamous cracking. On this particular device there is a crack near the serial number card slot and another right around the corner. Both are small, but must be noted. This will include the hp bluetooth keyboard, touchstone, and 3 hp folio cases. 1 case has been on the tablet since day 1 and the other 2 are NIB. No boxes included except for the 2 new cases. $150 shipped, reasonable offers entertained.

    PS: I may consider trades for watches.....
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    Hi there,

    I'm interested in this phone, but I don't really have any feedback on this site or eBay. Would you still like me to PM you my offer, or would you not even consider selling to me at all?

    Just got some USD in my PayPal from Blackberry 10 Port-a-thon, and I thought I'd like to keep the flagship webOS device in my collection, as a reminder of my first smartphone platform.
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    I take paypal only and will ship to the continental US only. If you're still interested pm me.
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    Oh, I'm in Canada...oh well, thanks for the reply anyway!
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    items still for sale? prepared to ship worldwide now?

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