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    Sold it! Thanks everyone.

    I did sell it with a warranty so if it comes back, I will see what's wrong with it and possibly relist it.
    So I finally moved away from WebOS when I saw no hope in my old hardware being able to run how I want it. I will always miss the FrankenPre I put so much work in but it's time for it to find a new home as I have now, stubbornly, made the switch to Android.

    As you may know, it is impossible to activate a FrankenPre 2 without putting in a Pre- comm board but maybe someone has some Pre- parts that they can use to get it activated or maybe someone has a Pre 2 with a busted screen or other parts.

    This is the Verizon Pre 2.

    The bonus is I'm including a 3800 mAh battery with it that still holds a pretty good charge.

    I have no idea how much this is worth. I've poured about $300+ into it but I know it's not worth that much. I'd like to get about $50 for it and I'll throw in the shipping for free (if in the US). I'll also include a Touchstone and 2 regular battery backs and battery. No charger cables will be included though.

    A couple pics, feel free to request more: FrankenPre 2 - Imgur
    More pics by request:

    PM me if interested =)
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    Complimentary "bump" for you

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