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    It's time. It was a good run while I had it, but I've moved on and am pretty happy with my SGS3. It's been sitting in it's box since August, and I need to clear up some space and get rid of some of my many electronic devices. I will include 2 Touchstones, one of them has been filed down to fit the curve of the back (and painted). A brand new, unused set of head phones, and a barrel plug. All original paperwork is included. I am pretty rough on USB cords, and unfortunately, this will not ship with one.

    Willing to ship wherever, depending on how well I know you from the forums will determine whether I need to ship with or without a signature (which will have a direct impact on price). I've shipped products down to Brazil to RnP so he can vouch for me, and sledger0077 is my eBay name, if you want to check around there.

    Payment accepted by PayPal or email money transfer (I would prefer the later, as there is no brokerage fee). Product will be shipped once payment arrangements have been finalized.

    A few scratches on the screen, typical of sitting in a pocket with no screen protector. Slight blemish on rubber back, but not too noticeable. All hardware exterior buttons still have the clicky feel to them Slider mechanism still snaps into place with no oreo effect. HP symbol still intact. Keyboard is still in good operating order.

    Will take offers by PM, I've already looked around here, and on eBay, so I know what the going rate is.

    No time for pictures at the moment, but I can post some later. It's exactly as described.

    It took me some time to arrive at this point, I was going to keep it, but I just don't see myself going back to it now, I'd rather someone get some use out of it than sitting in its box on the shelf.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sledge007 View Post
    It's time. It was a good run while I had it, but I've moved on .
    Yeah, I know what you mean, I think the Q10 whenever it arrives stateside is going to be like a magnet for me, providing the BB PB is BBM compatable and doesn't get "Leo'd" before then. Or maybe keep my TP GO (if CM9/10 build for them ever gets finished) - partner it with a SGNote 3 - because it seems inevitable we'll be living in an Android world after the FruitPhone era passes .....

    PM'ing you an offer - if I get the girlfriend a Pre 3 before she jumps on the SGS3 bandwagon, I might be able to keep her on webOS awile longer ....


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    I forgot to mention this is a 16 GB AT&T model.
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    PM received and accepted.

    Thread to remain open until deal is complete.

    Deal is now closed and finalized.
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