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    I have just listed my Touchstone 2 with Audio Out for sale on ebay here:

    HP Palm Touchstone 2 with Audio Out Phone not Included Extremely RARE | eBay

    This is the same unit that appeared on this site:

    PreCentral forum member goes hands-on with swanky Touchstone Audio Dock | webOS Nation

    Since I am no longer using my Pre3, I decided I would put it up for sale for someone who can still use it. I could never go back to a standard Touchstone after using this thing. I never really used it for audio - but the profile while holding the Pre3 is SOOOO much better than the original TS.
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    $100?? LOL Sorry.. good luck with that
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    Is there a Palm Museum somewhere where this sort of thing should go on display?
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    Isn't rwhitby missing this for his "museum" ???
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    I want one of those soooo bad.......
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    I would love, love, love this and will be keeping an eye on it but I'm sure it will quickly exceed my budget. Nice to get some more pics of it though.
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    Wow.....I'm so picking this up haha see you on Ebay
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    <thread cleansed>
    Lets please keep the discussions to the main forums. The Marketplace threads are for selling/trading/buying questions. Thank you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RumoredNow View Post
    Isn't rwhitby missing this for his "museum" ???
    knowing him he's probably already built his own space age version.
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