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    Sooo, the inevitable time has come ... I am regretfully putting my trusted Pre3's up for sale and migrating to iDevices for the ecosystem.

    One is 16gig AT&T QWERTY and the other is 8gig SFR France AZERTY keyboard, both unlocked for use with any carrier. The price is a little steep but it will go towards purchasing the iphones that cost more and the potential european buyers know how cumbersome and costly importing a device from US and dealing with the customs office is (where I live it is around 33% on top of the list price of the device, not to mention driving 30km to the other end of the city)

    The devices come in boxes, with US chargers and maybe the headphones (if people really need headphones i can include some samsung or htc ones that i have laying around). I can also throw in some pre1's battery chargers and additional pre3 US chargers if people want.

    Asking price is 200 euro each, like i mentioned above this includes the no-import-customs-fees-hassle and shipping to wherever you are in the EU. I can ship to other countries if needed, but it makes no sense to re-import the device back to US for example and am not really in a hurry to sell.

    I will take some pictures later tonight when I get home, they have been used for 8-10 months and preserved really well so no visual signs of usage and have been properly charged with OEM chargers only.

    PM or drop a reply and good luck !

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    Pictures are up, these will stay here for a while, I already received some offers that are hitting the waiting list if I ever go lower than asking, after some time they will go on ebay with reserve.

    Thanks for the interest !

    P.S> Albeit used as you can see these phones are in mint condition, if anyone asks for better pictures of some angles I will be happy to oblige within a day or two.
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    Pictures are up, prices are down, still selling those two bad boys @ 175eur a pop including eu shipping

    P.S> Will accept offers including white veers as a trade, i always wanted to have one

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