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    I have a Touchpad Go for sale. Its in great shape. I purchased it for $650 off of another fellow webosnation member. The tablet is in great shape. To be honest, I have only used it but a few times, because I am afraid of breaking it. I am going to be traveling a lot for work, and I would rather it go to someone who will really appreciate it, BUT i can't lose my **** on it. I paid $650 and would like to get close to what i paid for it. I will have this listing up here for a while, and will go to the highest offer. The tablet comes with the charger. It is not the 3g version. Also, comes with a cd containing the doctor for it. Any questions just shoot me a message.

    *I will be posting some photos and a video of it tomorrow. It is late and i don't have time.

    *i plan to keep this listing up for a couple of weeks, and it will go to the highest offer. once again i will be posting a video and some photos in a day or so when i have some time.
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    500$ its enough for your Touchpad Go?

    Keep me in touch, im very interessted.

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    Please submit your offers by private message to the seller. Thanks.
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    PM sent!
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    sorry everyone, it has been sold to a lucky webosnation member. thanks everyone for the offers, sorry i could not respond sooner, and to everyone individually. i have been very busy because of the holidays

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