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    If you're looking for a great Pre3 package, please check out my fleabay ad here:
    Unlocked HP Palm PRE3 "4G" Smartphone 16GB with Bonus Accessories Preware 886111382439 | eBay

    Plenty of pics, and ungodly long description are available there.

    The summary: Super Clean Pre3 in new condition with screen guard, OEM battery plus 2 more new batteries, wall charger plus round TouchStone.

    Comes unlocked ready to accept any GSM carrier's SIM card you prefer; or you can use immediately like a mini-Touchpad on wifi as it's in Developer Mode right now. I've also installed PreWare so you can start customizing immediately.

    Buy it Now via fleabay and get 2-day FEx shipping FREE. $235 for the whole enchilada. (actual enchilada not included)
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    I have two hours to still ship it tonight if someone buys it, it will be at your house by Christmas Eve!
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    I would consider it if I could use on Verizon
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    this thread can be closed.
    both sets sold.
    I'll miss them!

    Hopefully when I rebuild my Frankenpre it will help me forget them quickly. Cmon, mailman; bring that donor unit with my new glass!
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