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    My sister, whom I tried to introduce to the wonderful world of Handspring, is looking to sell her barely-used Prism and all accessories, which are a MiniJam, EB Slipper case, Hot Sync cradle/charger, Targus Stowaway keyboard, and AC wall charger.

    Would prefer to sell together--any offers welcomed.

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    Don't some of you Prism die-hard fans want a spare??
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    I'm probably going to kick myself for this, but what is she asking?
    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are at!
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    Well, I just sold mine and all my accessories for $240. So $240 plus shipping? She didn't give me a number---

    so maybe just make an offer?

    (No need to kick yourself!!)

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    How about $200?
    And could you estimate shipping to the N.E.?
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    I'll check and see--I'll send you a private message when i hear...thanks!
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    $240? Sheesh sell that stuff on ebay individually! You could get closer to $300 I bet... If you still have anything would you sell just the keyboard? Thanks.
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    I guess she could sell it on Ebay, but I kinda liked the idea of letting some of my VisorCentral friends have first crack at it.

    I don't think Tealwheel ever emailed her, so I think she still has the keyboard. What would you pay for it?
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    I just wrote K an e-mail saying same
    I just thuoght it would be a good quick V-Day present
    but I thought about it too late
    she only wanted the Prism, too
    that's why I asked to lower price.
    You might get more on ebay like someone said.
    sorry again
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    I did get your email and now I know what it was referring to. No problem on the Prism thing. Hope your Valentine's Day was nice!
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    Do you still have the keyboard and/or ac adapter? If so how much do you want for both/each? Sorry I never responed sooner, I forgot about it! Thanks.

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