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    Lightly used flawless VZW Pre3, accessories + 2 Touchstones with magnets to hold the Pre3 better
    Asking $160 +shipping
    Oh yeah... Mugen battery + stock battery too. (Running meta-doctor version of 2.2.4 to increase /var partition and ease of activation out of the box)
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    You might want to check a couple of threads in the Marketplace

    This may be a match for you:
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    Thanks, I had already pm'd him this morning.
    Stay thirsty, my friends
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    Quote Originally Posted by matteebee13 View Post
    Thanks, I had already pm'd him this morning.
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    My PM's to you don't appear in my sent box
    My original offer seems reasonable with all the extra goodies. I'll consider your counter offer if this ad runs past a week with no interest. Thanks for your interest.
    Stay thirsty, my friends
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    What capacity is the Mugen out of curiosity? Would like to swing a deal on this if possible. Please PM me.
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    Item sold! Thread can be closed by mods. Thanks!
    Stay thirsty, my friends

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