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    Hello webOS community! Just to clarify: I was previously known here as "Pre in MN." I am now an Apple user (sorry!) and only frequent the iMore site. The new passport thing makes me "emjayess" on both sites etc.


    I have 3 HP Touchpads for sale plus accessories. I'm the original owner of all 3: they were all purchased during last year's HP fire sale.

    These Touchpads were hardly used and only one (mine) left our home on just a few occasions--and all had cases on them; I used mine to search the web etc. until I left Windows for good and got an iPhone with Sprint and then went all-in with Apple stuff (again, sorry about that--I DO miss the webOS UI and the Touchstone!!). My kids used theirs only for web surfing, email, and as alarm clocks. We all stopped using them by spring of 2012. I have been waiting for a relative who is originally from another country to sell them overseas, but each time it looked like someone was interested, things fell through etc. (although a 4th one was sold to her brother).

    So here's what's available. All 3 are 32GB and are in original box with the stock charger. All accessories are in original boxes, as well. Each TP has been returned to factory condition using the official HP doctor etc.

    1. One TP comes with a TOUCHSTONE CHARGER, an HP FOLIO CASE, an HP BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD, and a new third-party SCREEN PROTECTOR made for the Touchpad that you can apply. Price: $300 or best offer.

    2. Next Touchpad comes with a TOUCHSTONE CHARGER and an HP FOLIO CASE. Price: $250 or best offer.

    3. 3rd Touchpad comes with a TOUCHSTONE CHARGER (this one's case was sent with a 4th one to the buyer overseas, but it was already back in the box). Price: $225 or best offer. SOLD

    Buyer pays shipping unless you buy the whole package (all 3 TPs and accessories), then I'll pay half as long as you're in North America.


    EDIT: I was PM'ed with a suggestion that I offer a bundle price: so how about $600 for everything and buyer pays shipping?
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    I'm interested. Sent you a PM. -Koa-
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    OK, #3 above has been SOLD.

    #1 and #2 still available--just in time for the Holidays, don'tcha know.... :-)
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    How much will costs with shipping to Russia everything that you have now?
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    Hi darkdeveloper,

    I really don't know how much it would cost; once you're ready to buy and I have your address, I could pack everything up and have the shipper weigh it and tell me how much it would cost. I would then inform you before you make the payment. I suggest you send me a private message and we can discuss it further.

    Thanks for your interest!
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    2 Touchpads still available!
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    Hi, would *love* to buy 1 of those off you! gCheckout preferred, tho can do Paypal, Amazon, whatever. Will gladly pay shipping.
    I'll check back here, alt am @BorkZorkOrc on tweety... Thanks =)
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    Haven't heard anything from you, BorkZorkOrc, so just wondering if you're still interested. Thanks.
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    UPDATE: All 3 Touchpads and the accessories are now sold. Thanks.

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