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    #1: AT&T Pre3 with shattered screen. Still works great, except proximity sensor often gets confused when making a call, & requires a reboot to get the screen back. Works fine with a Bluetooth. All other functions great.
    $100 + shipping SOLD

    #2 8gb qwrty Pre3. Had broken LCD so received screen transplant from #3. Everything went well, works fine until it goes into sleep mode, then screen becomes unresponsive to touch & needs reboot to bring it back. Not sure if screen is bad, incomparable with this version (8gb), or if it simply needs to be doctored. Phone looks almost perfect front & back. Just noticed it has an at&t back cover that must have been switched from #3. $125 + shipping SOLD

    #3 is a disassembled at&t pre3 that was non-functioning because it got wet. Screen was pirated for #2, back cover was sold off & I can't as of yet find the battery. Sim tray looks good, as does the screen bezel, keyboard etc. Screen from #2 is included, but I don't think anything is useful from that as LCD & wires were broke but front glass is intact. $60+ shipping

    Also have a Mugen battery that only has about a dozen charge cycles thru it, but looks like it has more time on it because I kept it in my pocket for a spare. NOW $25 SHIPPED to lower 48

    I have 376 positive feedback on Ebay, never a negative 10+ years.
    All items as priced or best reasonable offer, shipped from NY 14225
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    Would you be interested in parting? Do you have a working modem and back cover?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToniCipriani View Post
    Would you be interested in parting? Do you have a working modem and back cover?


    I purchased these. Should arrive soon. I do have a working modem and an att back cover I can sell you.

    (yes this att back cover does charge on the touchstone
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    Mugen battery still available, price lowrered

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