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    Hi guys,

    I am long term user of Pre's (original, 2 and 3), but unfortunately I dropped my Pre3 so the gorilla glas broke. It is still fully functional, I taped it and I am using it for a few weeks.

    Now I bought another one on ebay, so I thought of selling it, as spareparts for the pre 3 look to be pretty valuable, but then I thought that I wanted to support groups that want to bring Open WebOS to the Pre3.

    Therefore I'm thinking of donating it to a group (you would only pay postage) that wants to work on the real product instead of an emulator.

    If you are interested, just write an PM to me, why you would like it, maybe what you are working on and how it would help you. Maybe also, where you live, so I can estimate the postage (from Germany).

    I repeat, it's fully functional, although it doesn`t look like it

    I hope I can give back a bit for the sake of this great OS and the community around it.


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    If you can not find a taker for the Pre3, I would love to at least take it for spare parts, specifically the back cover! My back cover is cracked/broken around the mute switch and the touchstone sometimes doesnt work.. so, i would rather see this go to someone who would use it for homebrew, but if you dont have any takers, please keep me in mind!

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    I'm just getting into developing and I need a pre 3 to do touch to share hacks I can pay for shipping. Also if a more experienced developer asks give it to him.
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    Pm sent bro <staff edit>
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    Thanks for the post!! If there is any chance I would like it. I've trying to start with homebrew but I haven't been able to.find a reasonable price pre. I'm a new developer and I am learning all the details behind the webos and its applications and implementations.
    Plz contact me through my email or just post a reply or direct message. Thanks again.

    I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and ill be more than glad to help with the shipping costs.
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