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    TouchPad 32GB (Crack near the right speaker otherwise in good condition)
    Touchstone for TP
    HP case for TP (Touchstone compatible)
    All TP stuff come with packaging

    ATT HP Veer with cables and 3.5mm connector (Dents and scratches on plastic, screen protector is on from the first day)
    Touchstone for Veer, Pre series

    Prefer to sell them as a whole. Currently location in the UK

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    Prices would be appreciated
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    GBP180 for all?
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    GBP120 UK mainland shipping inclusive
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    Any offer?
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    Given the fact that you are in the UK and shipping prices outside that are somewhat prohibitive it might take more than a few days to get a serious offer on a bundle that size... even though the latest price seems like a good deal.

    Best of luck.
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    I sent a PM some days ago... did you seen?

    Best Regards...
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    No. Send again pls
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    GBP85 for TP set
    GBP20 for Veer set

    Shipping extra
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    really interested on the veer. Is it still available ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwmanos View Post
    really interested on the veer. Is it still available ?
    actually im interested for both the devices.
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    All SOLD. Thanks for interest.

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