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    I have an AT&T Pre 3 that kept freezing when it was inactive for any amount of time. The problem quickly got worse and the phone began randomly rebooting. Finally it shut off one day and never came back on. I was running it on an overclocked kernel, so I am assuming the processor gave out.

    Feel free to make me an offer if you don't like the listed prices. I will be willing to give bigger discounts to people buying more parts.

    Screen - SOLD - The screen is in really good shape. When I got the phone it had a very light scuff on the side which can not be seen when using even the cheapest of screen protectors.

    SIM Card Tray - $50 - A good replacement for people that broke the pins on their phones.

    Back Cover - SOLD - In decent shape, but clearly used.

    Battery - $30 - The phone was used from Feb 2012 to June 2012. The battery is certainly not new, but still held a charge really well and would make a nice backup.

    Back Bezel - $30 - The piece of plastic that surrounds the battery.

    Camera - $30 - It makes a clicking noise when focusing. I am not sure if that is normal, but it has always done it. The pictures it takes are fine.

    Headphone Jack - $40 - its a headphone jack...

    Keyboard - $50 - All the buttons worked fine the last time I used them.

    I think that is pretty much I can pull off of the main board, but let me know if there is something you want that I have forgotten.

    EDIT: Added prices and SIM card tray to item list.
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    I have a pre for parts as well if you get yours sold I'll sell mine without the battery to the best offer.
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    PM'ed----- glaugh27
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    Quote Originally Posted by glaugh27 View Post
    PM'ed----- glaugh27
    Did you?
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    I'm looking for the volume buttons, or the main board if you'd prefer. Let me know your price.
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    Quote Originally Posted by broncot View Post
    I'm looking for the volume buttons, or the main board if you'd prefer. Let me know your price.
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    Is the speaker removable? How much for it?
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    Sorry, I no longer have that part.

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