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    Tech support is only open for 8 hours now for non Treo problems. unbelievable how fast Handspring is abandoning normal handhelds and even support of these products. Called today when they've normally been open and got a recording of their new hours. What gives? 8 hours a day? absolutely amazing. The thing is, the wait time is now over an hour, and if you have to call the 716 number, that will do wonders to your phone bill!

    and they wonder why their stalk has gone down the crapper lately. they have no concern for customers!

    their website no longer even lists the 716-871-6448 or the 888-345-5150 numbers. when you go and click on "contact us" on the tech support page for a handheld, it goes nowhere. it used to pull up a box that stated the options you had for tech support.

    how long until tech support on handhelds is gone for good and we're stuck with no way to get support???

    i called the customer service center in the afternoon after waiting on hold for 45 minutes with tech, demanded to talk to a supervisor, and he was basically worthless, said that i have to talk to tech support or wait for them to reply to my email. well, they promise reply within 24 hours, i've waited 7 days, much more than 24 hours or even 24 business hours AND STILL NO REPLY!

    Thanks for nothing handspring!
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    Just ask's always been a better resource.
    "Stupid Handspring."
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    I agree.
    Just ask here and you'll get an answer from someone who actually uses a Visor and cares about other users.

    It is just a crying shame that Handspring doesn't care.

    Yesterday I got an actual email from them (it has been forever) AND it was an ad for TREO ringtone software. Hello??

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    I have found Visorcentral to be excellent for answering questions. I also use the Handspring knowledgebase a lot; It has answers to most questions if you dig a little and its surely more productive than listening to hold music.

    These days, I try here first, then try searching for the answer myself and if still stumped I use the form on the HS website: The answers are generally to the point but they can miss the nuances of the mail sometimes. I have contacted them three times this way and got a response back within 36 hours once and within 24 the other two times.

    In some defence of HS, I would say that they have tried harder than most to do good online support. If you want to see how much harder try trawling thru the old and dusty articles on which look like they were originally authored by their legal department. Then check out the disorganized and sparse Sony Clie site...

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