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    Figured I'd see if there was any interest here where people actually care about WebOS.

    I don't have a price in mind, really (I figure there's not much demand, either way, for a UK Pre 3).

    Bought this new about a year ago on ebay weeks before all those AT&T Pre 3's started showing up. Used it for a few months and it's been sitting unused since January.

    I really miss WebOS but it's just not practical for me. Also, the phone doesn't love T-Mobile's network, which is what I'm using. (Might be a different story by the end of the year when T-Mobile finishes re-farming their bandwidth to get 3g on their 1900mhz spectrum-- for now it's EDGE only).

    Any thoughts on what a reasonable price would be for such a device?
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    pm sent, hope it's still for sale
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