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    I'm relatively new to this site but see the constant complaints about Sprint's customer service. Has anyone had similar customer service issues with pdaapps?

    I've downloaded their Treo300sms software. I believe it installed correctly. I'm able to send sms messages and receive them as well. However, I can't send an sms message to my phone from my phone only to another email or mobile phone number. When I attempt to send one to my treo, it either doesn't go through or goes through garbled up. And even when it does go through, I don't get any reply button to reply-I only get OK and Delete buttons. The messages all end up in my inbox on Sprint's website-so I know it's not a Sprint issue-it's a pdaapps issue.

    I've discussed this problem twice with pdaapps but they don't seem to care whether I'm able to fix the problem or not....
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    Please don't tell me you got treo300sms to send sms messages to yourself. I can't send to my phone number through sms myself. That's why I got a plan with unlimited pcs to pcs. I just call myself. Okay I am just kidding. PDAAPPS replyed to my trouble quickly. Wish Sprint would.
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    Yeah, I've never had a problem with them. They always reply promptly to my email requests.
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    I own more then two apps from PdDAapps and I love. If it weren't for them we Treo 300 folks would not be sending SMS. Also, I have sent a few questions and suggestions to them and I always get a prompt respones.
    happy customer.
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    Let's see, I own TreoAlertMgr, KBTracker, Verichat and MarkNDial from PDAApps and I've gotten tremendous support from them! I highly recommend their products and back the support that they offer!
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    Despite my somewhat disparaging remarks about PDAapps, they turned out to be very helpful in helping me to resolve my sms issues. It appears that the problem was definitely Sprint, and not PDAapps, related. Although they did take some time to get back to me, the information they provided helped me to resolve the issues. My sms messaging was working fine for about 2-3 hours today-and then it went bizerk again (receiving messages from myself with a totally different phone number and then, not receiving any at all).

    PDAapps has informed me that Sprint did a major overhaul of their messaging service over the weekend and there are major bugs that need to be worked out. I'll just have to try to be a little more patient!!

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