Hi Guys!

I have a Blue Visor Deluxe, that has been modified, and other items that I'm hoping someone would like to trade for!

My Visor Deluxe has been modified to allow it to draw power from the also modified cradle, to recharge AAA rechargable batteries. It works fine, and you can't even notice the mod. However, on the cradle, I had to burn some screws off to open it up, but it works fine, and looks fine, except for the bottom.

I also have a Brando Screen Protector, Basic CF Module with Kopsis Engineering software, and a 160 MB CF Card. I have the Blue Handspring Sport Case, as well as the snap cover and stylus it comes with. I'm missing the box, manuals, and software, but I think you guys wouldn't necessarily need those things...

So basically...I want to trade my...

1. Modified Blue Visor Deluxe/cradle, w/ Rayovac AAA batteries
2. Brando Screen Protector
3. Basic CF Module with Kopsis software
4. 160 MB CF Card
5. Blue Handspring Sport Case

What I wish to get in return, is just a Visor Edge. Though I don't know how many of those are still out there...if not, I'll consider a low end Sony or Palm as well. If anyone is interested in trading, send me an email! Thanks!