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    Looking to buy TP GO case.
    PM please if you are selling one.

    - Thomas
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    There are hardly any TP Go tablets themselves out there, let alone any cases.

    I think you'd be best looking for a case for a tablet with a similar size
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    I know of two cases that fit quite well.

    One is a zipper sleeve case made at one point in time by incase for the original B&N Nook. It's very hard to find any of these discontinued cases, but they do pop up occasionally on eBay.

    The other is a brand new product from COBY. It's a universal 7" - 8" Tablet case with a zipper pocket . It's not a snug fit like the incase product I detailed above, There's about 1" extra space H and W when the TP GO is inside, so Its a little larger than the TP GO but that's as close as any current product on the market gets. Plus it has a zipper pocket for storage of the charger and usb cable etc.

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    Looking to buy TP GO case.
    PM please if you are selling one.

    - Thomas
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    Thanks all. I am using a case by BUILT that fits well. However, while I don't know the total amt of units made, but I recall that the webosroundup TP GO review had the official case (google for pics).

    If anyone has a line on one of those, that's what I am interested in.

    All the best,

    - Thomas

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