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    Hello everybody

    My HP pre 3 fell down on the floor and has the LCD screen broken. Somebody can tell me where can I find a new one?

    Thanks in advance to all the answers.

    Best regards,
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    The same place you buy replacement horns for your unicorn...
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    Given how rare the device is (complete), I highly doubt there will be a replacement screen easily accessible, unless someone uber-bricks their 3 and is willing to sell it for parts.

    If you need it no matter what, your only option may be to get a whole 'nother 3 and swap the screens.
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    Haven't seen any recently but look for folks that broke their SIM pins using SIM adapters. I know of a few Pre3's that have been sold cheap once the SIM socket was damaged.

    This is probably your best bet (other than buying a brand new phone).
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