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    I'm about to switch my trusty Pre3 for a new Samsung Galaxy SIII (webOS still rules, but I needed to upgrade now or lose my VZW unlimited data plan, and the SIII is a reasonable successor in a lot of ways). Haven't decided whether I'm selling my Pre3, but in the meantime, I'm hoping to give my homebrew dashboard mounted, pivoting Touchstone charger a good home.

    I'm actually quite proud of the mount; not only does it attach to a Proclip or other standard flat mount surface (I've got it attached with Velcro, for easy adjustment), but I custom-designed and made a brace at the bottom to help support the phone and keep it from falling off the magnetic Touchstone when hitting potholes or other bumps. It works *really* well--since I first started using it for my Pre2 with the Seidio extended battery, and then with my Pre3, my phone has stayed firmly in place over all terrain.

    Here's the mount in place in my 2011 Ford Taurus:

    I'll throw in an additional Touchstone at no charge. Please DM me with your best offer. Thanks. {Jonathan}
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    PM'ed you. Here's hoping...

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