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    hey everyone, the following is for sale and selling as a whole:

    HP Pre 3 16gb - ATT Version comes with Unlock code
    Good condition - No major scratches or scuffs on screen or casing - Had very few small light scratches on the screen before applying the Skinomi screen protector. When you look at the pics, the light edges are from the screen protector, its not on the screen, especially in the top right corner.
    Comes with 3 Wall Chargers, 3 Touchstone pucks and 1 Extra HP Battery
    Phone works 100%, used it for a little over a month.

    No International Shipping, 48 states only. No Exceptions, sorry

    Ebay Link.
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    Price drop to?
    pm me please.

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    Damn! That one guy is driving up the price.
    BlackBerry or WebOS!!! NEVER ANDROID!!!
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    last day

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