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    Sorry for the repost, but I'm really upset right now and I have to vent, so here's the whole story.

    My tale of woe...

    Purchased Treo 180 in May.

    Classic Speaker Death in December.

    Called for an RMA around Dec. 15.

    Didn't receive the Return Box until after Christmas because they didn't put my address on the package, only my phone number, and Airborne Express had to call me to figure out where the heck to deliver it.

    Packaged and mailed the Treo on Jan. 2.

    No word from them or package in the mail... so I finally write an email to Customer Support for the RMA status on Jan. 14.

    I receive an email that they have no record of it and to call a representative for assistance.

    I find the tracking number at home, and find that Airborne Express delivered the package the morning of Jan. 7.

    Call the customer service agent who quickly apologizes and says that did in fact have the unit, but they've been busy because of the holidays and turnaround time is expected to be 72 hours.

    It is now Jan. 21, and no package. No word from them. I wrote another email this morning asking for the tracking number of an already shipped replacement, an immediate shipping of a new unit, or negotiations to pay my cell phone bill this month.

    Received an email that they cannot answer my questions in email and to call a representative for assistance.

    Called a representative, she said that there was no record of the unit in the shipping department and if I could give her the tracking number she would forward it on to them. I told her that I had done so a week before and I needed more assurance than that from her that something was being done. I even went so far as to request a new unit, which she said, "There's no way that's gonna happen". I told her I was very dissappointed that they've had my Cell Phone for 2 weeks and done nothing, and she said, "I would be too, and I very sorry". I told her that at this point I needed more than her to be sorry. She then offered to give a message to management to call me, which I accepted, then ended the call.

    I am very doubtful I am going to receive a call from them anytime soon. I plan to try back tomorrow if I haven't head anything. I understand that turnaround time may be slow this time of year, but sitting on a unit for two weeks is inexcusable. I really like the functionality and form of the Treo, but with this experience I am going to avoid Handspring and recommend others to do so.
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    There they go winning friends and influencing people again.
    "Stupid Handspring."
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    Well, I called again last night and got the same response...

    "I don't have any record of it here... can I have the Tracking number?" When I gave it to him at least he Looked it up and saw that it had been delivered on the 7th.

    He said "I'm gonna email the Service department and call you back when I hear from them." I asked how long that would take.

    "Oh, probably within the hour."

    Never heard back from him. It's like they lost it and are just hoping I go away.
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    I called back on Friday, and the rep I talked to said he had a note of the previous day's attempt to call the service department. He said that there was nothing that he could do. I told him that that wasn't exactly true, as they could send me a new one. He said that he would call as soon as he heard anything.

    Well, I thought about that for about five minutes and called back and immediately asked for a supervisor (no pun intended). He looked at the information and said, "we started the RMA on the 15th, and it usually takes about a week and a half to get the new one." That's when I told him that it had been the 15th of December when they sent it out, and they had received the unit on Jan. 7, and had done nothing in the 2 and a half weeks since.

    He put me on hold for a couple of minutes, then came back and said that they would either find it or send a new one on Monday. That's all I wanted to hear.

    Received the package yesterday (Tuesday, January 28), and it is a new unit. GRPS upgrade has already been installed. The hinge on the lid feels smoother than my old one. The speaker works. I am very, very happy to have a phone again. I mailed it out on Jan. 2, so I was without a phone for 26 days.

    Hopefully the different feel to the hinge means that this unit has a better design for the speaker wire and the Classic Speaker Death will not happen again. My faith in Handspring is somewhat restored, as the Treo truely is the best combo device out there right now and I'm happy to have one again, but I have little faith in their Service department.

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